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Published on 14-11-2018

I'm really sorry for late payments. The problem of payza collapsing in the early development stage of our site is a huge blow to our financial capability.
We lost all the money you invested through payza, which is a huge blow.
In the past time, we have worked hard to make more money to compensate for payza losses.
Difficulties still remain, but the hardest time is over.
We regained our spirit and partly stabilized our revenue.
Under no circumstances will we never think to scam the money you have invested. That's for sure.
Please click back and support us. At first, we will still send payment to accounts with pending payment that stopped click in order to create your trust.
But then, we only send payment for active accounts that click ads and post payment proof.
At this moment, we are not able to send payment as time written on TOS. However, we commit that payments will be sent regularly.
We do hope and will try to do our best to make the site return to normal operation and the payment will be sent fully in accordance with the commitment in the near future.
Please support us again.
If there is any problem, please contact us through the ticket and we will reply fully to you.

We are on holiday
Published on 30-04-2018

Dear Members

We are on holiday in 4 days. All payment will be processed from 2/5/2018.
Sorry for delay.


Labor Day Promotion (from 24/04/2018 Server Time to 27/04/2018)
Published on 24-04-2018

Hello members,

Dear members,

May 1st,often called May Day,International Labor Day .In many countries,it is a national holiday.It is also a traditional spring holiday in many cultures.

Celebrate the end of spring and the begin of summer with 4tclix.

We have prepared for you a great promotion !! We have prepared for you 3 offers. You can choose one of them.

Please, carefully read our offers, select one and send us a ticket.

- If your deposit is $ 20 - $ 50 you will get: 5% bonus on your PB + 7000 PTC credits + 15,000 banner ads credits.

- If your deposit is $ 51 - $ 150 you will get: 8% bonus on your PB + 15,000 PTC credits + 50,000 banner ads credits.

- if your deposit $ 151 - $ 500 you will get: 10% bonus on your PB + 50000 PTC credits + 150,000 banner ads credit + 15 login ads credits.

- If your deposit is $ 501 - $ 1500 you will get: 12% bonus on your PB + 75,000 PTC credits + 500,000 banner ads credit + 30 login ads credits.

- If your deposit + $ 1501 you will get: 15% bonus on your PB + 100,000 PTC credits + 1,000,000 banner ads credits + 60 login ads credits.

This is a good offer for our advertisers.


- if your deposit is $ 20 - $ 50 you will get: 5% bonus on your PB + 10 RR

- if your deposit is $ 51 - $ 150 you will get: 8% bonus on your PB + 50 RR

- if your deposit is $ 151 - $ 500 you will get: 10% bonus on your PB + 100 RR

- if your deposit is $ 501 - $ 1500 you will get: 12% bonus on your PB + 1 RR for every 2 dollars deposited.

- if your deposit + $ 1500 you will get: 15% bonus on your PB + 1 RR for each deposited dollar.

This is a good offer for all members who want to increase earnings.

You already have a max RR for your membership? Do not worry, this offer also applies to you! Send us a ticket and we will add your RR manually!

You can not decide do you want to advertise or increase your profits? Or do you want both? Then this is a good offer for you !! We will add a bonus to your deposit, and you will decide what to do with the extra money

- if your deposit is $ 50 - $ 300 you will get: 8% bonus on your PB

- If your deposit is $ 301 - $ 1000 you will get a 10% bonus on your PB

- if your deposit is $ 1001- $ 3000 you will receive a 15% bonus on your PB

- if your deposit + $ 3000 you will get a 20% bonus on your PB

This promo will be valid for all deposit on 24/04/2018 Server Time until 27/04/2018 Server Time. When you send a ticket, we'll add your bonus within 24 hours.

Your admins

Skrill was added
Published on 18-04-2018

Dear members,

I'm glad to tell you that we added Skrill payment option today. It works for manually deposit and upgrade at this time only. Minimum amount for deposit is 5$.

Guide to add fund via Skrill

We enable Skrill for withdraw, too. I hope that you will love it.


Bad news from Payza
Published on 16-04-2018

Dear members,

Unfortunately, after US Government seized and froze all funds with Payza, Payza is not currently available in our country and many other countries.

I do not know what to say about it, everything worked smoothly all the time.

What will happen now with 4tclix ?

We will continue to pay in Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Payeer. We disabled all purchases and withdrawals through Payza. If you had pending payment, it is refunded to your account balance. This payment processors will be available only for people who deposited money using Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Payeer.

Payza investors, you must deposit using Bitcoin, Perfect Money or Payeer to get payment from these payment gateways.

You can only request an unlimited amount to be paid to the payment processor you`ve used to make the most of your purchases in monetary amount. The maximum amount you can request to the other Payment processor is equal to the value of the purchases you've made through them individually. In the event of equal value of purchase between two or more payment processors, you can make an unlimited payment request for each one that is part of the par.

It means, for example, if you deposited $ 100 using Payza and $ 50 using Payeer, PerfectMoney or crypto currencies you will be able to withdraw only $ 50 to Payeer, PerfectMoney or crypto currencies. If you want unlimited withdrawal, your deposits through other payment processors must be bigger than Payza deposits.

Please contact us to be supported and we will calculate how much money you should deposit. All payments has been processed without Payza now.

At the moment we looking for additional payment processors as Skrill and Neteller, Wmz.

Thank you for understanding and cooperation.
Your admins

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